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I hate the "R" word

So I sat down last night and watched the re-premiere episode of the “Cashmere Mafia”[CM]. Now. For those who have no clue as to what the interest is. You have to know that I adore…no…not adore…am infatuated with Sex And The City [SATC]. This new TV show is created by those that did SATC.

Therefore I sat with baited breath and watched CM. This show is different from SATC in how that the four main women characters are NOT all single but they are extremely successful in their respected careers. Two are single, two are married and with children, it is a show the displays how successful women are trying to have it all.

Okay…soooooo maybe not exactly relatable to me. However, there were some excellent one liners in there, and I couldn’t help but laugh outloud. I’ll figure out the characters names as time goes on, but before now, I add my own description.

Blondie –
“What did you say to Richard [?] last night? It looked like he swallowed an eel”

Male Pawn 1 to Male Pawn2-
“Whatever you do, do not say the “R-word”. It’s like saying the “C-word””
Male Pawn2 –
“What’s the “R-word?”
Male Pawn 3 –

SO a message to all you male beings out there. If you want to live, NEVER EVER TELL A GIRL TO RELAX. You might as well kick yourself in the balls because you won’t be getting anything anytime soon.


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