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Now What.

I have finally gotten the missing wallet information sorted the rest of my little sparkling world is starting to dimmer, just a bit.

My contract with my current employer is almost up. I do like working for this company and the experience and new skills I have learned, however, the contract is not being renewed as there is not enough work to keep two people busy. Therefore, I am on the hunt for something in my field and I am open to relocation if need be. But you never know.

As well, on a personal note, D and I have seem to hit a bump in the road of bliss. I guess it happens in all realtionships, its just that a blip during these festive times, isn’t really ideal. But I guess no time is a good time for a blip. Regardless, the blip has happened and only time will tell. As well, we all know by now, I do not have the most patience for almost anything. I guess I will have work on my patience.



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  1. Oh no! :o( I really hope things are looking up now, and that things with D are better than they were. Good luck with the job search. I’m not sure what the economy is like in Vancouver, but it CAN’T be worse than ours in Michigan. Keep is posted, and keep your chin up!

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