The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Was the second phrase heard as I peered into my empty foot deep purse at Baton Rouge Restaurant on Dundas Street in Toronto at 4:45pm.

A moment of shock.

A moment of disbelief.

A moment of millions of questions.

Grab the phone book, call the Hockey Hall of Fame – it’s a recording, for all four numbers.

Realize that the HHOF closes at 5pm as does the RBC.

Get back on the subway race to the HHOF…no wallet. Go to the RBC cancel this, cancel that.

Then the realization hits.

You cannot fly on a plane without photo id.

This set off a moment of panic and long distance phone calls home, tonnes of phone calls to WestJet, O Canada Service and the Toronto Police.

All in all…my mom is clutch. She sent me my passport on Saturday afternoon and D and I had to go to WestJet cargo on Sunday to pick it up. Then I was able to fly home without delay on Monday.

D and I were in Toronto to celebrate a wedding on Saturday night. And it was to be a fantastic party. A very Greek one at that. All of this was marred by the fact the my wallet was stolen. There is NO other explanation for its disappearance.

Thank god for D and his prevailing calmness. I was borderline calm, borderline crazy. D was stoic and supportive. What would I do without him. I only wish I didn’t feel guilty about having this ruin our time at this wedding as the bride and groom were two of his best friends in the world. Its a night that we did our best to enjoy every moment of the festivities. Open bar, the traditional dancers, the live music, all the dancing by the guests, the pig dance and the bread dance! Oh and the food was fantastic as well.

Nothing can express my gratitude to the bride for the use of her phone and internet in her apt. on the night before her big day. My gratitude goes out to the brides family who did their best to suggest options and try and help in anyway they could. The outpouring of support for someone they just met less than 24 hours before was overwhelming and welcomed, especially in light that this weekend was to be about the wedding and the celebration of this wonderful couple.

Also, I cannot express my gratitude to D, no matter how many times I apologize or say thank you. What can I do for him to repay him? I wish I new. Adversity is a test on any relatioship, especially when one’s identity could potentially be compromised.


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