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Turn On Your Lights!

This past weekend, I had an awesome time living it up in the ‘Loops with my best gal pal and her hubby. Not only did the Wolfpack Vball team win their game Saturday night, drinks and eats were aplenty and my best gal pal helped me choose out numerous items for my new pad.

The ‘Loops are a good 3 hours away from Vancouver and to get there you drive Highway 5 or more commonly known as the Coquihalla. This stretch of road is a toll highway and is known for “Mountain Pass: Sudden Weather Changes”. Although the way up was pretty good, with a bit of blowing snow and the roads completely bare. Coming back today was a completely different story. Me and my Turtle were having a tough time with the 60-90km/hr winds and blowing snow in one part and slushy roads with pounding rain in another. This was the result of a huge storm that blew through the Lower mainland at 2am and just made it’s way. If I had left at 930am rather than 1030am, I proabably would have been in a snowstorm, instead of a slush storm. However, I white knuckled my way through the drive and made it home as my little car was fighting the mighty wind’s desire to toss my turtle around like a jumping jelly bean.

My one gripe the entire drive home was the absolute morons who have those lovely new cars whose running lights come on automatically. However the morons fail to realize that their running lights do NOT include the TAIL LIGHTS!!!!!!! Now when it’s pouring rain with slushy roads and limited visibility and everyone is going slow…it would be nice to be able to see the car in front of you before your car decides to become its lover and gives it a nice love tap on the rear end. Saw a rear ender accident where the “love tap” looked like a “bang bang” because the trunk was now in the front.

So seriously folks, if you have a new car and you are driving in completely CRAPPY weather. TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS! Read your manual if you have no clue. Not only will you save yourself from taking up the rear, you make the rest of the drivers on the road see you!! What a concept. Oh and don’t forget that when it’s dark…you all should really apply the same concept.


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