The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well push did come to shove. I found out on Wednesday morning that I was moving that weekend so that the new tennant of my building could move in Tuesday evening, which is tomorrow night. So I started the mass emailing of people whom don’t work on weekends. Unfortunately all those I had lined up for a Wednesday move, work on weekends. What are the odds eh?

So I emailed and some didn’t respond, some responded “would love to but…[legit reason]”, some responded “have a bday party all day…”, “I’m going to be hungover”, and “sorry out of town guest, can’t get away”.

Okay. Some are legit reasons that I don’t have a problem with, but others I have skeptism and bad feelings towards. Mainly because I feel that these individuals OWED me one. And I was calling to cash in. All I needed was an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon. Therefore lots of time to recover from a hang over to put some time in for a good friend. Because I am a good friend who is losing their patience with some people!

My other responses that I really wanted to express, that I dare not say until now are as follows:

1. Seriously. Bday party all day? Is it at Chuck-E- Cheese?

2. ummmm you owe me at least half a move, last time you helped me unload the van once, than had to go, I spent an entire day helping you move car load after car load, my move is in the same building from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor.

3. Out of town guest? You seriously can’t take an hour to help your sister move from one floor to another within the same building after I spent my evenings house hunting for you while you were moving back here? You seriously going to tell me you feel no obligation to help your sister?

4. Hungover is not a valuable excuse unless you are getting your stomach pumped at the hospital and have a note from your doctor. Warz showed up still drunk for crying out loud. Granted at 3pm, but better than never.

So now I’ve vented and ranted a bit, I feel a bit better because I’m releasing my anger. Now I sit and wonder what type of friend I’m going to be to some of these individuals because I’m tired of giving and giving and giving and being disappointed because I do have high expectations of people.

So….the question that I’m struggling to answer is internal. I do like and love these people for various reasons, however, does the lack of return warrant a re-evaluation of friendships? of relationships?

Maybe not for everyone, as this is the first time I have felt let down by some, but for a select few, this is not the first bout of disappointment. *sigh* why do I care so much about how others give back to my generosity.

For now…I still have to finish up in the old apartment, even though Warz, Dancer, Lex, LexLilBro and D put in more than their fare share of work and I”m forever grateful. Lex seriously didn’t hesitate in responding to my plea for help neither did Warz. Awesome people.

Unfortuantely, it is not all done.

Noone said cleaning was easy nor my strong suit. I will still be moving a few more items and cleaning for another 1 to 2 hours this evening.

I am definitely getting cranky.


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