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When Push Comes To Shove…

I have 8 days to finish packing up my aparment. I have maybe 5 milk crates organized with my books. Other than that. I’ve done nothing.

It really doesn’t look like I have a lot of stuff. But I do! It’s silly really. All this stuff is neatly put away and it looks all nice and compact. Crazy. I am excited to move on up in the world. And unknown to D, I will be getting an apt. size dishwasher first, instead of a larger couch. A dishwasher is more environmentally friendly right!?!?!

So…as my move date appraoches, I am pushing myself to pack a bit every day, next Tuesady it will definitely be a shove to get everything into boxes and ready for anyone to stop by and help me and D move my stuff to the third floor. So now to wrangle a few pals who don’t work next Wednesday to help.


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