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Random Thoughts

Well I’ve been home for a couple weeks now and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. Cleaned my apartment, moving up to a 1 bedroom, starting to pack and purge [seriously…noone wants to buy a plotter?], and loving the man that I am continuously amazed by. We were suppose to have a coffee date Wednesday evening, instead I needed him to help me get my place in order so that it could be shown the next evening. As I am currently a renter, it’s not extremely important that the place be immaculate. However, I’m anal and if people are going to see my place…I don’t want them thinking poorly of my house keeping skills…although…I’m sure D questions my housekeeping skills. Like I’ve said before I am a bit of obsessive compulsive when it comes to keeping things in order…just not my own apt. 🙂

As a result of this evening of kicking up dust and sneezing for 24 hours, D is the most unselfish and uncompetative person I know. Which is somewhat opposite of me and is very welcomed. It just makes me realize how lucky I am and that any doubts I have I should really be classified as a moron.

Noone else in this world makes me laugh as much as he does. He tries to make me laugh all the time via Text Msg, Voice Mail, Email, on the Phone and in person [obviously]. I am beginning to think that if he doesn’t make me smile at least once a day he doesn’t feel like he’s doing his job. Of course that’s ridiculous, because just thinking of him and his silliness makes me smile 100 times a day. Not to mention he’s quite hot and sexy 😉

This relationship is an adventure and I’m always amazed. Although the thought [or threat] of him having to pursue his career dreams in Calgary has a constant presence and makes us both reserved in investing whole heartedly in each other. As we don’t know whats going to happen and neither of us wants the other to be resentful. It’s tough but we continue to persevere, because there is noone else that either of us wish to be with.

Everything is falling into place. The only thing left is another year of job security. Hopefully that will come up soon and for me to qualify for this…I will now return my attention back to the spreadsheets and mounds of data before me.

All in all life is amazing.


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