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My Name Is…

Hi. My Name is Jewels and I am a Shopaholic.

I have been home for a week and all I continue to do is shop. Buy clothes for work and play as well as shoes. Regardless of my fantistic trips to stores galore I am still looking for those staples that a girl just can’t do without. You know…black blazer, black shoes and a little black dress!

I know it’s just amazing that I do not have these items! Even I think that the black shoes thing should have been taken care of by now. But I just can’t seem to find that pair of black shoes that look great with the black skirt and nylons.


I do have my black ankle boots which are fun, but I am getting the heel nub thingy replace for the fourth time since I bought the pair last November. As you can tell I wear them often. And why not…they are very appropriate for work and for the “winter” weather here in vancity. [winter = rain].

Alas, I will continue my search. Disappointment was heavy yesterday as even H&M didn’t have any of those items that I liked. But they did have a necklace, earrings, and two shirts that I loved 🙂

Since the dollar is doing so well…maybe I should just hit the outlet malls across the border. LOVE cross border shopping 🙂

Now…if I can just find the time for the two hour drive and 1 hour border crossing…



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  1. Welcome back!!! Glad you got home safely and are happy to be back. :o)

    As for shoes, I’ve been searching for the perfect black pump (and black dress…and black purse) pretty much my entire life. What I’ve come to find is that they really don’t exist, which is why you should just buy many to cover all the base’s. ;o) I WILL highly recommend though…you can do an amazing search based on size, color, type, brand…AND they have negative $5 overnight shipping, meaning they will give YOU $5 if you order something, and they deliver it to your house overnight – NEXT DAY – for free. If they don’t fit or you don’t like them, they ALSO allow you to return them on their dime. What’s not to love?? Good luck!

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