The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well…dare I say it? Dare I possibly raise a pox on my departure date?

I am to leave on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No…I’m not excited about this at all.

I have invited friends to come say “hey hey” to me next Saturday after noon at a local bar – Malone’s if they are unable to attend the “lets get me smasharooed” at the Royal that night. Now…it is short notice and a few friends are making the time to be there, most are maybes. I forgot that the world was moving fast in the city while I was away. Possibly I didn’t give enough time for my peeps to organize their life. However, I’m swamped after next weekend. It’s really quite silly.

OH I honestly cannot wait to start my life….again. First thing is first. Organize/clean the apartment! aka. Declutter. Apparently my mom cleaned my apt while I was gone???? This is scary as she is notorious for shopping at the dollar store and thinking certain items would be fantastic in my apt. Knowing my luck there will be more plastic flowers, another tacky PURPLE sunburst mirror and another flower bowl. [only a picture will do that one justice]. So i will ‘declutter’ and purge the stuff that is not…shall we say….Jewels appropriate?? and move on.

Apartment hunting! 1 bedroom at a non-excrutiating painful price here i come! i might be looking forever on this one. Friends are helping me out…but still…it’s my call. *sigh* apt. hunting is hard.

Needless to say. D is very happy that I’m coming home a week earlier. He has a new work schedule so every other month his weekends will now be filled with a 9-5 shift. Me coming home earlier…means two weekends with him and I 🙂

I was suppose to head up to the loops to see my best gal pal on the last weekend in Sept. but alas, our schedules never seem to match and we will have to reschedule. It’s hard when we all grow up and get our own lives. I do miss having my best pals around to hang out with. It’s hard to make sincere, really good friends in the city. Luckily I have some that have no problem comitting themselves to getting me drunk on a Saturday night!


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