The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

A little carrot was dangled in front of me two weeks ago with the suggestion that I could leave earlier than the end of September as this is the 21st century and not the middle ages as we do have internet…sometimes…when the satellite router and the other two routers we have set up in our non-conventional peer to peer network want to or rather…feel…like working.

Now that carrot was taken away early monday morning [Day 103]. Bossman determined with GISguru in Vancouver that since our network does not have remote access, how would I work with the data? Fair question. My answer. Email the compilations and solutions to them leaving the Yukon “server” as the main database. However I would maintain the recent Access database as the THE database. Not that hard from my point of view as there isn’t a lot of new data coming in except data results. However, it’s not my decision.

Contrary to this itty bitty rant, I do like my job. I like what I do. I like working with the data and making it easier for those to use it. Organizing the data makes sense to me. I also like making maps, making them “pretty” or useful rather. Also, I am learning about rocks. I like my employer and the bossman…just don’t dangle a carrot and taketh away.

After work hours I’m extremely bored. Alas I write this during the 8-5 day? The comment was made “you have to make your own fun”. True, sure, sounds good…but five months of making your own fun? There is only so much cards, ping pong, frisbee, horseshoes, and hacky sack soccer you can play. There is only so many nights that you want to have a drink, as there are only so many days you want to work with a hangover!

I’m just bored and tired of this stint/challenge of living in the Yukon. Remember, I love my work and my career choice…just not sure about the location. I guess the adventure part has worn off? Not sure as to why. It’s not like I want it to snow shitloads and get stuck out here. Noone needs that much of an adventure.

Next year – going to make sure there is a remotely accessible server. That way, I can work from the office more frequently esp. with the data managing.


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