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I think it’s Day 102…

Math has never been my strong suit. I think I’ve mentioned that before. However, when it comes to counting how long i’ve been here at Copper Point Camp. I think I’ve lost count entirely. Sure I could look at the excel project timeline spreadsheet to see my tally…but seriously…what’s the fun in that?

Seriously though. I think it’s time for me to come home. I have some things to work out with the parental unit that she doesn’t realize continue past the conversation that ended in an argument. Currently the maternal parental unit is way too happy and phony to realize that she has finally once and for all pissed me off and I no longer have the want to depend on her for anything. Unfotunately, there are somethings that mothers are good for. I will do my best not to take her up on any offers. It’s the easy way out in some situations.

So I must return to do deal with that. Also I want to move into a one bedroom apt. I feel it’s time for me to grow up. I have to sell off the plotters that I currently have…any takers? Get rid of my computer desk, sell off some of the computer stuff that I don’t need nor want…as I just bought a laptop. YAY! Love shopping through the internet and thanks to my pal the “pissedoffweddingplanner” whose company was selling them off. So its a good deal that I can live with.

I am looking to move downtown I think. Most of my pals are there and my absent brother and sister-in-law to be apparently live there too. Although there is little visitor parking, it is easy for D to get to by skytrain from
BBY. Plus I work downtown…I would love a 20 min walk to work rather than a 45-60min walk. But we will see. I might not be able to find anything suitable in my price range, but I’m spending more money taking a bus and cabs back and forth from downtown, that moving there might subsidize it.

Time will tell and I’m anxious to get started on all this stuff. Hence when the bossman gets back into camp today, I think he and I will determine when to leave. I’m hoping for next Sunday [that way I get an extra weekend of pay in] he might push for this Wednesday as I’m noticeably losing my mind, temper and cool at the drop of the hat.

I’m done.


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