The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Day 79 out of 118

6.5 weeks
39 days
and that’s about as good as my math gets 🙂

So i’m working like a dog and making some good progress. Managing the data and makeing it easy…so much so that who knows if they even need a person to do this job next summer….so since I’m on contract who knows if it’s going to be renewed for next year and who knows if I would even want to come back.

IN the meantime I will continue to have a look around and see what options there are out there. I know there is a job available right now that I wouldn’t mind applying for, but am unable to do so as I am still in the middle of nowhere, Yukon, Canada.

Did I mention that it is also cold here now…not snowing…but pretty darn close. I might soon be living in a winter wonderland.

I might need more alcohol.


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