The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well one week to go until my next break! 7 days until I get to go home to the city workers strike, construction holes and garbage littered streets. 7 days until I see D and my friends and my family. 7 LONG, EXCRUCIATING DAYS filled with data entry, map making and printing. I don’t think it can go by quickly enough.

Not to mention that I just passed the half way mark of my time here. The unbeliveable part is that I am scheduled to be here in the Yukon for 121 days. I really wish that I didn’t know how to count. As well, this is my last break before the end.

I have to be out by Oct. 1 due to tickets to this and that and by then it will be 7 weeks up here. Apparently its suppose to turn cold too. Guess I’ll be bringing up some more sweaters and such.

*sigh* I miss my shoes and being a girly girl.


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