The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well, you would think by now we would be past the half way point. But I’m not. My final departure date changes weekly and therefore who knows when I’ll be allowed to go home. But that’s okay on one level, as I’m raking in the mula, on the other level I’m missing D.

Maybe the first break was a mistake! It just made me want to stay in Vancouver and not even come back…but alas my sense of responsibility [as well as the contract I signed] had me back on a plane to the Yukon.

I must admit the phone calls are hard to coordinate and are difficult to cell phone depending on satellite connection. He is a trooper and a lovely man and I’m sooo lucky to find someone who makes me feel extremely special and not in that “special” way where I am not allowed to use a knife. He is awesome and I’m loving it!!!

2.5 weeks until my next break….I haven’t counted the hours just yet.

As for my final departure…Oct 1???? I have to be home for Oct.3. D is taking me to the LA Galaxy/Whitecaps game 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed that the weather lets me get out of here in time!!!!


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