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DISCLAIMER: Posting a note on a “private” yet open blog does not mean that the individual doesn’t want to find a solution to the problem. However, put yourself in my situation. Imagine, located just south of the arctic circle, living in a tent city in a valley on the historical Bonnet Plume in the Yukon Territory without the comforts of home or the support network readily available. Then deal with a very upseting, and attack against your character, see how you react and if you will sit ideal and take it. So if you can’t imagine yourself out of the comforts of your city and somewhere else in the world with no ammenities that you are used to, don’t continue to read, You won’t fully understand or comprehend my point of view. Ever. No matter what i say.

So after I post that I have no news…news happened. Murphy’s Law. I jinxed myself. And now..I have news.

As I can’t go into too many details, for one) I get really pissed off and two) who knows if they read this or even know about it, I don’t want to take the chance for fear that if i rant in full, the words will come back to haunt me. Be misinterpreted and have them taken out of context because the individual does not persue further clarification.

Now this problem has nothing to do with my work or where I’m currently living, which is quite amazing as you work and live with the same people, someone is bound to snap. But thankfully that hasn’t happened. Sure my brain is a bit scattered but eh…I’ll live 🙂

What I can explain is that it has to do with one of the Volunteer committees that I am apart of.
As I’m currently out of Vancouver and British Columbia all together [which most of you understand and comprehend!], I read the minutes and have my two cents. Upon a posting requesting feedback I shared my two cents. It was critical but positive [of course I see it that way as I wrote it!] and was in no way meant to create such a disturbance. Regardless my post and apparent “unwillingness” to meet the chair in person [I’m in the Yukon, therefore I’m UNABLE to meet in person!]with regards to this post [viewed as negative and non-productive for th group] resulted in suspension from the web base forum.

So I think that is the gyst of the situation that I am personally dealing with and although there are soooooo many other contributing factors that I would love to go on and on about, I won’t. I can’t imagine anything written here can be used against me, but some people can be very creative, especially those that should take up a career as a political diplomat.

I have been lucky that I was able to unload the story in a short verstion to Dodger [one of my tent mates] and she was so awesome in pointing out that I do have to laugh at the situation and ask the question, Has anyone else been suspended from a VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE FOR VOICING AN OPINION???????? Dodger was able to put a new bit of light on the situation saying that it can’t just be me, this chairperson has got some issues too…obviously.

Now of course some of my closest confidants are aware of the situation and have been aware of something brewing for the past SEVEN months….and as much as I would like to share the comments from those conversations. It just wouldn’t be lady like to do so. Therefore, they will stay close to the vest. Literally, I’m wearing a down feathered vest to keep warm. [We get the three seasons here daily!!!!].

It’s a tricky situation in a tricky time. I do have some phone meetings to set up, at the request of the chair person, however, when you don’t see family and friends and BF for weeks at a time and all you have is msn, email and phone. Who would want to spend their time phoning a volunteer committee????? Your phone time is already limited as it is. This whole thing is a mess, and I’m honestly not sure along the way where this point could have been avoided. But I’m sure I will be informed….by the chairperson no less.

So as I work this weekend, I hope all of you have a good one!


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