The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

No news is good news…right??

Well…that’s the thing. I dont’ have anything new. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

This past week has been filled with the same ol’ same ol.

– me look at excel file

– me find that data is missing

– me track down missing data

– me add missing data to excel file

– me repeat

yes, you are right. very tedious and somewhat boring. So boring in fact that I began “watching” movies and Sex and the City while working. Yes. Bad. Very very very bad. However, the boss laughed and walked away, mumbling about something how he use to do that do while in uni. Remember, he’s not that much older than I, so I thought his comment funny…not sure if he was saying to get me to stop, but I couldn’t…my music rotation is getting old and definitely need to invest in new music and movies on my next break. [3 weeks tomorrow].

Today the floor in my office tent is getting its second coat of paint. I know what you’re thinking…Jewels then has the day off…well…wrong. Here I am in the main office “working” away.

I guess what I could update you with is my pal Rich and his SeeTheEnd campaign. He is now in Northern Ontario and is always looking for support through different means. Donations to the campaign, donations of food, water, and gas for the cause, and just plain old moral support and passing the word along. Anyone that has media connections, step up and bring it on! Also, Rich has the daily journal and he’s a pretty good writer. He probably could write about paint drying and you would still find it interesting.

*sigh* I think i’m going to be in the north until I die of exposure….*sigh* Good thing D is so supportive and understanding.

Back to the grind I go.


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