The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

I can’t help but start the countdown to my next break!

People are beginning to smell up here. So how do you tell them “you really stink and it’s time for you to shower”, I mean I wouldn’t take it well. However, if my tentmates told me to wash up, I think I would agree, because if they can smell me…I should be able to smell myself.

Now I forgot to upload some pics of my flights to and from this lovely tent city, until now:

The first two pics are the view from the front seat of the Caravan Cessna:

The following pics are of the planes at Mayo airport on the way back into tentcity. The first on is of a fire water bomber something or other. There were about 10 to 14 coming in and out the Mayo “airport” due to the 20 odd forest fires blazing in the Yukon Territory right now.

This is the Caravan Cessna. If I can’t have the King Air, I’ll take this one!

This is the King Air. My fav. plane from Alkan Air so far. Unfortunately, there it doesn’t do the shale/gravel runway at Copper Point. It is a princess [like myself] and only likes the finer things.

This past week the weather here at camp has been pretty crappy. Crappy enough to keep people from collecting new data and therefore allowing me to catch up on this and that. 😉 To put the “crappiness” into persepective. I’m still wearing my sweat pants and fleece around camp. Not only because of the cold wind, but because the cloud cover is so low, the sun is an abnormal sight to behold.

***This just in, Ed the camp manager, just killed the annoying chipmunk/squirrel rodent thing that crapped the other day on Tom’s pillow, with a shovel. I didn’t see it, but I heard it. It wasn’t a pretty sound. Sorry to all you animal rights lover, but if you had a rodent crap on your pillow and run around your living space you would want it exterminated too…no???*****

Back to the task at hand!


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