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Well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long!

To top it off, the week up to my departure date for my first break was utterly insanely busy. I was working 14 hour days and all I wanted to do after working on a computer was not be around a computer. Therefore I didn’t blog. Plus the weather was incredibly sketchy and the thunder storms that were rolling threw thist tent city were putting a strain on the satellite connection. ie. there was none!

I arrived back in Van on June 10th for my two week break, in which D picked me up at the airport with a huge boquet of flowers and refered to me as [the now infamous nickname] “Stinky”.

For the first week back, I hugged and said “hello” to my shoes [yes I’m serious], I met up with friends and family whom I was able to see due to schedules, also, I literally hung out in my bed with movies and fresh water after having a well deserved and needed shower, for two days. YUP. TWO DAYS!!!! I literally did not move from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday evening. It was flipping FANTASTIC!

Last week D and I took a mini-break to Victoria. Five days and four nights in a hotel room with a king size bed and a romantical view of the Victoria harbour [pics to come]. We had a fantastic time going to the BC Museum to see the Titanic exhibition, walking the beautiful city, eating and drinking. Lots of drinking in fact. I think D and I became functioning alcoholics for that week. Spending that much time with him, only re-certified how amazing and wonderful he is. It was sad to have it come to an end. But alas, we had to return to the mainland, can’t afford a hotel room forever.

I was fortunate enough to work out my schedule with my bro and have dinner with him and D on Sat. night and it was nice to see him. Although I forgot to raid his movie collection….drat! Next time.

Not only did I have a fantastic break, I came to the conclusion that upon my final return in Sept. I hope to start looking for a new place to live. I can’t stand the noiseyness of my neighbours in the woodframed apt. building. Therefore, I will start looking for another apt. hopefully that comes with parking and appliances that work. That is always a bonus eh?

I came back this past Sunday and this time I flew into Whitehorse on Air North than flew to Mayo on a King Air plane and then transferred to the Caravan Cessna. It was the first time I didn’t feel like seeing my lunch again. Awesome. Still not the best flights but at least I didn’t upchuck.

Now that I’m here again, I tend to look around and say these are all very nice people, I don’t mind being here, but it is not necessarily my choice of lifestyle for a long period of time. We will see how it goes. The first few days have been dreadful with a migraine that wouldn’t go away, bugs that are everywhere, and me missing home, my shoes, the city and most of all…D.

Back to work I go as there is a lot of backlog and I have to get a data management system together so someone else can do it the next time I’m away! Aug 1-10…YOU BET I”M COUNTING!



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  1. Glad you got a break and were able to come home to visit D and your shoes (so cute)!! Your next visit is just around the corner! Good luck with all the work!

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