The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well I had a pretty darn good birthday yesterday. Everyone here in Tent City knew it was my birthday…I wonder who may have mentioned it once or twice šŸ™‚
My tentmates and I had a dance party in honor of my birthday and had no more than four “Russian Tonics” [Vodka,7UP, Cranberry & Raspberry juice] while the rest of the crew drank a few beers. A few other comrades joined in the fun of music and dance. Lets just say good times were had by all and it wasn’t a very long night. We don’t have the luxery of boozing til dawn [because the sun never goes down] but we also work a lot of hours during the day, so some sleep is required.

Here’s a view from the kitchen deck. There are four avalanches that have happened. But it’s quite difficult to see in this picture. It’s a beautiful place this yukon.

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