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Day 10

Well I’m still here. I’m still alive.

Not much new…in fact same ol’ same ol’.

However, I did fall on my tail bone in my office. I didn’t want to take off the fun tiger feet slippers [with “claws”] and I was stepping over some cords that were at hip height. I got the left foot over…I pivoted to get my right foot over…and well…I felt it….gravity…taking over my body and pulling me to the floor. I immediately started to bend my left knee as I descended and put my right hand behind my body. And then it hit me. The floor meeting my tail bone. I then proceeded to look around. No one saw me. The plotter was still standing, the server was still up and running. But I was on the floor with noone around…laughing. Of course I do this.

I have been here 10 days and I have already puked in the appropriate bag in the first bush plane in canada the single engine Otter, I have burned my hand with tea kettle water, I have a rash from eating Cream of Mushroom soup [it was sooooo good] and now I bruise my tailbone. There is no way I’m going out of camp. Next thing I know Yogi bear will arrive with boo and I’ll be the pic-i-nc basket!!!!

Now Update on my friend Rich. Seriously click the link to the right “Blading Across Canada”. That will take you to his journal. Rich left NFLD on May 5th, has experienced mechanical problems with the RV, been taken into strangers homes for a hot shower, has been handed money while blading the highways, was almost catipulted off the road due to high winds and snow and rain! He is writing a daily journal of his travel across this nation. Spread the word, spread the link, lets all make it a goal to get him some national attention! I’m in the Yukon, so seriously…all you others…step it up!

Rich is a pretty good writer and all I can say is that from his entries I am feeling a sense of pride that I live in Canada and am happy for him that his goal is being well received. It’s nice to hear of good stories once in awhile. Check it out!!!



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  1. PelaLusa said:

    Nice to see that you’re also spreading the word about Rich’s great journey!


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