The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

If you are wondering where Copper Point Mtn. is, it is a 1.5 hour flight NE of Mayo, Yukon, Canada. In other words…the middle of butt-fuck nowhere.

Six days ago I arrived in Whitehorse than got to experience the most uncomfortable plane ride of my life on a single engine Otter. A canadian invention to get on and off of airstrips in the great white north. It was so turbulant that anything I had eaten or drank just had to revisit the surface. So two barf bags later we landed in Mayo. I would then proceed to utilize another barf bag between Mayo and camp. Yup. I’m awesome.

It’s been good here so far. A lot of my gear [work electronic gear] did not arrive until Day 5. So between 1 and 5 I have set up my tent office, settled into my residential tent, gotten to know my compadres and have done a bit of work believe it or not. It wasn’t until Day 5 that we had internet here and even then that was quite a challenge to get working. I was so frustrated with it, it required someone else to come in and sit and make it work. So yay…we now have internet and some more stable satellite phones that connect to the big honkin dish.

Although I have been able to contact my mom and D by Satellite phone, the connection is not the greatest. My mom is doing well and of course misses her youngest and only daughter. D on the other hand has had a professional set back and will not be going to Regina this summer. This completely sucks and there is nothing that noone can do about it. So now D has to focus his attention in another direction and not count his chickens before they hatch. Everyone cross your fingers and hope for the best.

The upside of D not going to Regina. Is that he will be in Vancouver upon my breaks from the Great White North. I can’t wait to see him. I miss him so much and it was hard to say goodbye the first time, because we thought it would be 6 months until we would have seen each other again. Now its 6 weeks. So that is exciting stuff. Now we can talk and converse and not worry about figuring out schedules and stuff.

Other than that…it’s a bit chilly up here…in fact it snows in the morning [usually] and melts by noon [usually] currently there is a nice breeze [blowing wind really] and lovely sun. The snow here is like Vancouver snow…it disappears by the evening! The only pain right now is that the Loo’s are a bit of a hike as the permafrost is preventing the digging of the new Loo closer to camp. Yup…I’m talking about an outhouse. [Never did I think I would ever have to write that sentence.]

So far I think I can make it through all this…I really don’t have a choice I guess…I’m already here. Just ask me at the end of all this to see if I would do it again.


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