The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well the time has come for me to pack my bags and head up to the Great White North of the Yukon. I sit here in my apt. building at 1:20AM blogging away. Sure I’ll be back and forth a couple of times for the next four to five months, even still, I’m missing the Vancouver summer….*sigh*…and I live so close to the beach now… *sigh*…here’s to me thinking of the money???

Simultaneously, D is waiting to get the word to head to Regina for 6 months. So instead of having the opportunity to hang with him on my breaks, it just won’t be possible as a result. I must say that tonight hanging out with D was a tough night. I know I will miss being able to talk to this man everyday and text everyday. He lights up my little precious and priceless world to a degree I never thought possible. There definitely isn’t anyone else I would rather miss more. The best part of us doing our individual thing, is that it will make us better. I can’t wait to read his emails and hopefully talk to him on the phone and to have him walk toward me in six months time.

Of course I will miss my family and friends too, but I’ll be busy working 7 days a week and pulling the data together. This is going to be a challenge as it is a brand new adventure for me to work in the field. But I think the greatest challenge will be to avoid Yogi Bear….so I’ll take D’s advice….I’ll just carry a
pic-i-nic basket for the great park bear….right???


ps..who knows when I’ll be back on the Interweb…patience people…patience 🙂

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