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Postponed & Rich

Well, as the industry is as fickle as the weather, my departure date for the Great White Yukon has been postponed until Wednesday. Apparently, the camp is not entirely ready and I’m really okay with this postponement. Not to mention D is happy as well.

One cannot express how incredibly lucky and wonderful it is to have a man like D in my life. He is an amazing man and I cherish every moment I have with him. So to have an unexpected additional Sunday to lounge around is fantastic.

No, I’m not Rich, but my friend Rich is starting his Skate for Hope tomorrow. Continue to check out his website, to follow his journey, his route, and to contribute to his success in one way or another. How many other 27 year olds do you know doing this type of thing? I don’t.

Now…if the Canucks can put some roasted duck on the BBQ for the next three games…than all will be right. But who knows? I must admit I’m not going to hold my breath. I want to live to see next season. Not to mention wear the Canucks T-shirt D bought me for my birthday [which is actually May 24th…*hint * hint]



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  1. Stumbled onto this site, just thought I’d say hi.

    It’s too bad that Canucks lost to the Ducks. It has been an amazing season. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the offseason.

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