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Roasted Ducks

Last night was a great Friday night. I went with some friends to the Coppertank and watched the Canucks roast the Ducks in Overtime. So it wasn’t so much a roast but it was a fantastic game. The puck was bouncing in the right places for the Canucks and denied the Ducks some chances. Now its back to Vancouver for Games 3 and 4.

I actually should be in town to see the outcome of Round 2. Then I’m off to the Yukon. It was great to see Mitch and friends last night and have a few laughs and a few bevys. Since I wouldn’t be around for my bday, we kind of incorporated my bday, going away party, KJ’s new job etc into the celebratory cheers at the beginning of the drinking. I had a fabulous time and was content at my drunk level. Anymore would have been a repeat of last Thursday. Any less would have been just criminal.

So thanks to my peeps last night for the good food, good drinks and good company. Laughs were had by all and of course high fives and cheers upon the Canucks win.


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  1. Peter Bond said:

    Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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