The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Ahhhh Monday.

Since Friday I have felt like garbage…too much booze and not enough sleep equates a cranky Jewels. However, I put the cranky side away because birthday’s are a big deal to me and D’s bday was on Saturday. We had a fun time for those who came to Relish Restaurant & Lounge. Good drinks, good food & good company.

Still haven’t figured out why people say they are going to show and then don’t at the last minute, and I love the people who don’t even respond at all to your invite. It can be quite disheartening when your friends [mainly D’s friends] say “yup, i’ll be there!”. Then 60 min after the reso time, text message with excuses why they are all of sudden not attending. Regardless, we had a fabulous time although, our guest list might have to be rethought in the future. We would rather have confirmed yes’s and no’s. Our feelings won’t be hurt if people cannot attend…but when making a reservation??? It’s fricking stressful when those that say yes, retract at the last minute for not so urgent reasons.

Sunday was a day of rest! Sleep was in order and then had to attend D’s family dinner birthday celebrations. And another amazing greek dinner was made and consumed. Pork Souvlaki and all the trimmings. It was fantastic as always! Oh and the dessert. D’s sister made a great peanut butter/chocolate chip bunt cake that was absolutely fantastic. I am totally getting that receipe!

After dinner, D and I went and played bocce and flirted like always. It’s so great to spend time with him especially when I know I’m leaving in less than 14 days. And his depature date is up in the air.

Now it’s Monday, I feel like a normal human being again and my boss and some other individuals left for the Yukon today. 13 days and counting until another adventure reveals itself.

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