The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Thursday night was a night of excessive drinking. The company party with 2.5 kegs and copious amounts of wine. I had both. I had snacked on a few of the trays of food, but nothing substantial. Also, they projected the hockey game on one of the walls.

After the game in which my team did NOT prevail, some of us went to a bar around the corner. Jesters. Although I can now say I’ve been, not in a million years can I remember where it is. There we had nachos and wings….and more drinks…this time rum and coke. Yup I’m a star.

Next. The railway club, two more bevey’s then it’s time to call it a night. Walked to Burrard and caught a bus! 2AM.

2:30AM I got home apparently. The only reason I’m aware of the time, is because I remembered to text D and let him know I got home safe.

The bitch of it all. I was at work for 9:30AM and worked until 7PM and there is a little bit of work left for me to do on some data before 10am Monday morn. I was going to go in today. But I still feel like crap. Better than yesterday, I haven’t thrown up today. I was in incredibly rough shape yesterday.

But I might tomorrow…today is D’s birthday and we are going to Dinner tonight. So I might have one cocktail. I’ll keep you posted.

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