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How can any of us continue to accept the violence that is becoming more and more the normal practice of anger and instability on this planet? In light of the violence depicted by apparently one individual at Virginia Tech yesterday, I cannot help but feel incredible sadness and anger.

Sadness for the tragedy of innocent lives lost at the hand of an individual who was clearly unstable. Sadness for the families and friends who will no longer see their loved ones ever again. As everyone in North America has at one point or another sat in a classroom, we should all be able to imagine the horror felt by the victims and the witnesses. I also can’t help but feel grateful that my time in school, whether in secondary or post secondary school, was not directly a target of such inhumane behaviour.

After sadness, my anger and frustration at the individuals who are capable of such horror rises. Many questions I ask, and it seems there are no answers. Why do these events continue to happen? What events in an individuals life can make them turn to such violence? How do these things continue to happen? When does the decision to show their anger [I’m speculating] and inhumane behaviour come to the for front? Is it the culture of violence that our society condones contributing to such horror?

I’m sure these questions are asked of people more educated than I and who have more life experiences than I. There does not seem, however, to be answers to these questions.

So yes I have anger towards the individual[s] that carry out such viciousness. My thoughts, however, also turn to us. Us being a society; a community; the human race.

What aspects of our society could be possibly encouraging such rage and mental instability to be carried out in such a manner? Is our society focused on individual success that sometimes those that are not as strong tend to be left behind or left out?

When I stop, look and listen at the bigger picture of our world I see the instability of nations across the globe; Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, Israel and Sudan [Darfur] to just list a few. In my own backyard I see on the news individuals being victimized by rape, attacks and murders.

So what is a solution? Do we as a community just sit and wait for our governments to wake up and take care of the human race? I tend to think that is incredibly naive. Why are we all too busy to stand up and say enough is enough? What is it going to take? Who should we look to for answers? Do we look to each other? How do we solve a problem that is bigger than you or me?

Unfortunately, I only have questions, does anyone have answers?

**And as a side note to the note above. When is the journalism industry going to stop being controlled by executives who are out for money and ratings? If they were to show the same compassion and present a human interest to the global stories of war and the tragedies that causes, maybe more people would have a greater understanding?

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