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Oh What A Night!!!

I can say that I was at the 6th longest playoff game in NHL History. I bought the tickets at 5pm last night for about $100 each…give or take a few bucks here and there. Called D at 5:05pm and said meet me downtown at 6:30pm to go to Game 1 of Round 1 of the Canucks Playoffs. I think he was schocked that I found tickets cheaper than craigslist or ticketmaster on the Prime Seat Club. Sure I pay a bit extra for the Club privledge, but it was soooo worth it. Especially with the confidence that I knew my tickets were not fake. The seats were in the same section as the ALA/VAN game we went to during regular season, just further down i.e. Row 10 not Row 16 [or something] and they were situation right along the Canucks Blue Line, although the Big C was upside down.

This was a fantastic experience and I don’t think regular season games will ever compare. There was a tribute to the ’82 team and how the towel power phenomenon known throughout the entire league started here in lil’ ol’ Vancouver. There was a two man “drum squad” which wasn’t all that bad. And the towels…oh the towels were everywhere and the vibe in the building was full of excitment.

Of course I sang the American National anthem and the Canadian National anthem. I can’t help it, I love to sing and I feel a bit of pride as my bro is American born, CDN raised. My bro and his fiance were both at the game as well. I am excited to hear her take on attending her FIRST Canucks game and FIRST hockey game in Canada. I would think its a bit different than attending a Sharks game.

The game itself was a rollercoaster, the Canucks never behind the Stars, but the Stars were definitely close on the heels. It was so emotional and very draining. I kid you not, there were people taking cat naps between the 1st and 2nd OT. After the 2nd OT and myself feeling a bit icky and D looking like he could use some sleep, we decided to leave, reluctantly. It is a work night. It is now 11pm and we are still at this game. D and I left, I grabbed a bus and got home, D took the train to Bby and the game was STILL going. We missed most of the 3rd OT but saw the 4th OT on TV and saw Henrick make the winning goal.

Other people in my office went to the game too, of course some stayed the entire time, others left…but I have no regrets. It was very exciting. I am extremely tired today and have no voice and almost feel like I have a cold. I need a night or two of rest. Unfortunately, I do not see that in my immediate future. At least Game 2 starts at 6pm tomorrow night and I’ll be watching it from the comforts of my parents home with my family.

At least D and I can say that we have been to a playoff game, and in all honesty, we will probably never be able to afford to go to another one…well…not this year.

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