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And That Lamb Was Tasty!

Easter Sunday dinner was delicious! Home cooked Lamb with home made Tzatziki, roasted potatoes, rice, greek salad, easter cookies and so many other tasty treats. I definitely was not having dinner at my house! Then D’s mom gave me some easter cookies, a chocolate bunny [which came from nowhere!] and 4 hard boiled eggs all died red [of course] for me to take home.

The hard boiled eggs are an interesting tradition. Two people have one hard boiled egg each and both hold the same end up and then one person taps the other persons egg. If your egg doesn’t break, you win…ie you don’t have to eat the hard boiled egg!!! I was a winner!!! Good thing too…I was so full, there was no way I could have eaten another bite. Everything was so good, I ate as much as I could.

And if anyone wants to know how to make “real” Tzatziki from scratch [as oppose to that Greek Restaurant version], I’ll hook you up with the receipe from D’s mom. It’s soooo good but yet soooo deadly. You are not able to speak directly to anyone for at least 16-24 hours after consumption, let alone kiss anyone, so eat at your own risk, but you will never find a tastier Tzatziki! yuuummmmmyyyyyyyy!!

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