The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well according to my calendar, in approximately four weeks from now, I will be in the Yukon or on my way. The actual date is still not finalized, ’tis the nature of my industry. “Finalized” meaning…I don’t have a plane ticket, but there is a plan, although I’m still not aware of it just yet.

So until my departure date I have a myriad of things to do [ie buy warm clothes!]as well as spend as much time with D as possible. It looks more and more like D will be off to Regina for the summer and will be leaving in the next couple of weeks. Although his departure date has yet to be determined as well. Things are currently up in the air on our schedules, however, we have made plans in the mean time to spend as much time as possible with each other. Even if it means enduring events for family and friends and not getting as much alone time as we would like.

This weekend in particular stands out, as my Nana’s 80 something birthday was yesterday and somehow or other, my brother and his fiance have decided [at 10pm last night!!!] to host a birthday dinner on Sunday evening, [Thanks for that nugget mother]. I already have spent time with Nana to celebrate her birthday and given her a gift. So what to do?

This was the one weekend that D and I were going to have all to ourselves before we both take off for the summer and we already had plans! It is the last Sat. night and Sunday where we were going to ignore the world. Now the dilemma of my family and the guilt that they are able to place. We all know that there will have to be another dinner in light of my departure in less than four weeks which D will not be around for. So I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m being pulled by my family through the means of “they won’t invite you again” [courtesy of my mother], “come for dessert only or salad [courtesy of bros’ fiance] and then there is the most amazing man D saying “You do whatever you wanna do for Sunday” and of course D would be coming. He’s so amazing and supportive and deep down, I don’t think he wants to endure it either.

I know I have said family is important and all…but in the last three weeks specifically I have seen my mother 3-4x and I have seen my Nana 3x. That’s quite enough trips to ttown if you ask me! I love my family don’t get me wrong…but I want and need to spend some alone time with D. We honestly don’t get enough time together. I’m honestly torn by this decision. It’s not like downtown Vancouver is far from my place in Kits, but there just is not enough time to do everything and see everyone before I leave. I can’t spend all my spare time with my family…sanity is too important to me.

Did I mention that my studio apt. looks like a warehouse and I still have to do my taxes????

There is definitely not enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do and everything everyone else wants me to do….something has got to give, and I don’t want to make the decision.

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