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Happy St. Patty’s Day

I had big plans for this weekend.

The plans included me consuming enormous amounts of beer and dancing ’til the wee hours o’ the morn, attending Vancouver’s Celtic Festival attempt at a St. Patrick’s Day parade with D and catching up on sleep. Since I’m a Scot, I only thought that I should attend the parade and enjoy the pipes and drums and the myriad of celtic tunes and dancers on the streets of Vancouver as well as introduce D to a non-Greek culture.

Now all of those plans have been shot. I have a cold. More specifically a head cold where your nose, eyes and frontal lobe feel like they are four hundred sizes too big and you’re going to float away into the clouds. Also, forget about sleep, unless you naturally turn over in the middle of the night, you will forever have one nostril that just wants to stop you from breathing so you either die or wake up. But I’m still going to see D. You know someone likes you when…;)

Yesterday, I left work early and I slept all afternoon, rented a couple of movies and slept all night. Today, I’m in class. Yup that’s right as I type, I’m in school on a Saturday at BCIT taking an advanced course on MapInfo II. It’s been relatively easy and not too difficult today. Next Saturday is more data editing and will be more challenging, then the course is done.

Hopefully, my car won’t get ticketed or towed. I have no idea if I parked in an “allowed” parking lot and I forgot the parking space number by the time I got to the new fancy parking machines in the bloody downpour that was happening in Vancouver this AM. So I just kept typing in numbers until one worked, instead of going back out to the lot to see the numbers neatly painted under my car. Trust me, it wasn’t a light shower, it was the type of rain where if I had soap, I could have washed my hair. Did I mention I didn’t have an umbrella? yes…I should know better.

But class is almost over, the inst. is going over some other questions people have. Fortunately, I know how to print to a plotter. I’ve mastered that task over the past couple of weeks at work.

Soon I’ll be going home and crawling into bed ASAP.

All of you celts celebrating St. Patty’s Day, have a drink for me 🙂


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