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January Rant Finale!

Well back in January I posted an entry A Bit of a Rant all to do with my frustration about a so-called friend of mine AW. Well to my surprise, AW found my blog [didn’t go over so well]someway, somehow. It’s no big deal except there were somethings I may not have mentioned to her, because it does put our mutual friend in the middle and that was never my intention. But it happened. Whoops. What also has happened is that AW finally [after two months- ya life gets in the way….but seriously…TWO MONTHS] has responded to my email.

Basically I can sum the email up as this: since I don’t conform to AWs opinions, ideas, humour, and agree with her entirely and bow down to her view about any of the situations her response is to call me childish and that I need to grow up. I responded with my view that the type of name calling she made in the email as inappropriate, mean, cruel, and completely hurtful. Oh did I also mention also a defamation of character?

I’m trying to take the high road in this situation and trying very hard to not be judgemental, but its so hard esp. when you don’t like how you are being treated. I have looked at myself and how I respond to her, [I have learned to always look at yourself first, because we all do things that generate a response] thus why I tried to explain what I need from people who I choose to surround myself with and why and asked AW how am I to respond to someone who makes me feel that I have to defend myself at every turn? To which I got the response, noone else has ever told me that. Ummmmm……I’m pretty confident that people in general would be either too polite, not friends with you enough, or afraid of her reaction to such a comment and don’t want to have to deal with that response.

So blog world, answer me this: How do you take the high road when you feel that you are being mentally and emotionally attacked by a person who is unable to understand you for one reason or another?

My initial response to this latest email was ANGER. It was all I felt. Anger I have not felt since I was 18 years old. Ironically about the last time in which this individual played a major role in my life. I think I have changed greatly since then…wouldn’t you?

Some of my best friends who have read the emails have commented with the general consensus that my responses and my blog have been way too nice and have been very generous in agreeing to even read an email that is a blatant attack against my character, that “this girl is coming off as a bully” and “this girl just doesn’t respect you and your choices” and “why are you even bothering to give this girl this much thought and attention when it is apparent that this girl is unhappy about something and possibly jealous of the path and life that you have carved out for yourself?”. Granted these lovely words of ego patting are from my friends who all love and care about me and most of them like me for who I am. Which obviously I have no complaint for.

So I don’t think I have anything to rant about AW anymore or respond to her anymore. Because why do I give such a person who has a blatant disrespect for me for the past some odd years, my choices and my opinions when I give her that respect? Ultimately I guess thats what it comes down too, Respect.

I know who my true friends are and who I want to associate with, whom I respect their choices, opinions and ideals. I am better off not having people who have a negative affect on me and the woman I have worked so hard at becoming.

Happy Monday everyone. Cheers!


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  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site! I believe you found me through Mitch, who is a very dear person; glad he could acquaint us!

    I could tell you a two-hour-long story about how I lost what I thought were my three best friends all at once 2 1/2 years ago because they believed what someone completely outside our circle of trust claimed I’d said about one of them (did you get that? ha!). At first, I couldn’t believe they would doubt me after all we’d been through (and after the countless times I put MY problems aside to help them with theirs…), but then I talked to my REAL friends, who all had this to say: If they would doubt you and your great friendship, they don’t deserve to have you in their life. And they were right.

    Anyone who would disrespect your choices or question your character clearly isn’t someone who should be called a friend. Does it hurt like hell to learn this and to let go and not look back? ABSOLUTELY. The thing is, though, when you associate with people who put you down or make you feel badly about yourself, the hurt you feel in small ways on a daily basis far exceeds the hurt you would feel if you just broke off the friendship and tried to forgive and forget. I’ll be honest…the “forgetting” part has been hardest for me, but I definitely learned and grew a LOT these past couple years, and you will, too.

    Good luck, and hang in there. Sounds to me like you have plenty of other friends who value the great person you are. Save your time and devotion for them. That’s not taking the high road in my opinion; it’s taking the only one… :o)

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