The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well I must say that this has been a very stressful week, in this order:

1. Mailbox at apartment building may or may not have been broken into last week.

2. Learned that over informing people when asking for input may not be such a bad idea to avoide assumptions, grief and wasted energy on really small issues that are seemingly being blown out of proportion. Good thing is that this was not an issue that happened in or with people in my workplace…whew!

3. A small issue with unpaid CPP due to a honest mistake of placing numbers in a wrong box between 2002-2005, all because I didn’t think I was self-employed during that time. Because I wasn’t.

So what’s the good news???

I’m almost done printing historical data. Did you know that PDF’s and plotters don’t really like each other? Although it looks like all the data should print it doesn’t necessarily do so?’s true. So many trees have lost their lives this week. But I should be done, sorry, will be done before I leave today.

I’m going to see The Producers on Saturday evening with D. The head huncho at my work got an invite from the management of our building and he is unable to attend. Of course I scooped that up, it’s FREE and includes a Cocktail hour…which is FREE [I think] and Valet parking is FREE. It should be a fun evening. D and I get to dress up for the evening and enjoy some humour and laughs as always.

Also, I am the Business Strategic Planner for this great event. My friend Rich Ralph is planning to rollerblade across Canada starting May 1st 2007 all in the name of supporting Cancer Research through Princess Margaret Hospital in Ontario and any cash donations will be going towards a research project out of the University of Alberta!!!! It would be great if all of you could check out his website, sign in and share your stories and support through time, talent, or treasure!!!!! He is also looking for some additional financial support [sponsorship] to actually be able to do this journey. Have a look at the web site,

I’m very happy that tomorrow is Friday and that I will be hanging out with my bro and his fiance and Saturday night with D is always the best time of the week.


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