The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well for the first time in my little world, I have had a Valentines Day worth thinking, writing, and talking about. Sure I’ve had a BF while over V-day before, but it just never seemed to be anything special or effort put into it. Which is a whole other kettle of fish that would just be negative so lets move on to better things.

My new BF, D, and I didn’t really plan anything for yesterday, except to spend time together. We are still in that phase where we make everyone around us want to hurl into a bucket, so the romance and mush factor really doesn’t need to be played up. Apparently, D’s sister was encouraging him to buy me chocolates…good thing D pays attention and knows I don’t like chocolate all that much. Unless it’s Ghirardelli chocolate with Caramel and it’s the milk chocolate kind. You can get them at Shoppers Drug Mart on occasion. However at Ghirardelli Square [in San Francisco], the smell of chocolate baking, tasting ice cream and standing in line just to have some yummmy chocolate….hmmmm…but i digress.

So last night D came over and arrived with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me – which included my favorites, a Gerbera and a Rose amongst others. Perfect for me. I’m so indecisive and I get bored easily, so you can’t just give me one type of flower, I need a myriad!!!

I gave him a homemade card and a book I know he would love titled I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. Lets just say this is a book full of stories of debauchery and drinking. It’s absolutely hilarious and I am going to read it after D has finished.

Then we sat and enjoyed being with each other and having good conversation. In all reality, D and I did Valentines Day right last Saturday night. I surprised him on Friday with tickets to see the Vancouver Canucks play the Atlanta Thrashers. Since I got the tickets he had to pay for the beers and eats. Fair deal. It was an expensive outing, but worth every penny. We ripped it up from our nosebleed seats and had a fantastic time.

Saying that, on Friday afternoon, my boss man teased me with the company seats until he found out I already had tickets to the game and took them back!!!! next time???? here’s wishing. AND THEN I found out last night, that D had a coworker hanging out in a box for the game on the second level who was going to call D and I and invite us down. Because no one was in the box besides D’s coworker and her husband. GET THIS! Her cell phone was dead and she couldn’t call!!! We missed, free food and free beer!!! next time???? here’s wishing.

Regardless, D and I had a great time, we always do no matter what we are doing. I think it might be because we kind of like each other. Things continue to get better!


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