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Monday, Jan. 22, 2007

After spending 17 hours straight working. We woke up at 7:30am [2:30am PST] to attend breakfast and head to the office, which is a converted house in the city centre of San Juan – see the pic below.

We continue to work at the office, clean data, train and make sure our two back up hard drives contain the same data. At about 11:30am [6:30 PST], we hand over the data and wipe our hands of it!!! VERY EXCITING!!!

Now the Estrogen Geo and I can go shopping for an hour before everything closes around 1pm and before we go for lunch with some coworkers.

We walk through the busy city, people and cars everywhere…I was able to buy earrings, some dust collector items, and two gorgeous leather bags!! 🙂

We get back to the office for 1:30pm where we go with two coworkers – M and S, to a restaurant close by for some Asado [Argentina BBQ]. It was fantastic! No where else have I experience BBQ that you can cut with a butter knife and the carne [meat] melts in your mouth! yummmmmmmmmmy!

3:30pm we return to the office and catch our remise home.

Now 6:00pm at the Mendoza airport, we go and check in. The ticket agent for Lan Chile tries to make me check my carry on bag…she thinks its too big [it’s not] and then she has me weigh it…its a tiny bit over…[2 kilos?]. Therefore I take out my books, put them in my backpack…now it weighs fine. I can take it aboard. crazy lady.

We take the 35min plane ride to Santiago, Chile. Check in with AA for the rest of our trip to Dallas and then to Home 🙂

We decided to go to the Banos [washroom] and then for dinner. While at dinner, the ticket agent we had got our boarding pass from 1 hour ago appears. Another “gongness” moment presents itself. The Estrogen Geo was sooo tired, that when in the Banos, she for got her leather zip case with her Passport, boarding pass, and other travel id on the back of the toilet!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! She didn’t even realize she didn’t have it!!!!!!! Needless to say, the sleep deprivation has taken its toll. We are now giddy and tired!

Finally we take the 9.5 hour flight on AA from Santiago to Dallas. Both of us feel icky. Our stomachs are upset, dinner in Santiago is not agreeing with us. To top it off, the plane is full and you have to sleep sitting up. I had an aisle seat and the Estrogen Geo was beside me in the middle seat. With some guy on the other side of her, who was going back and forth from the seat next to his mother [I know…wierd]. Thus the set up for another “gongness” moment.

As we weren’t sure of weather we were going to sleep or not, I contemplating taking a sleeping pill, but decided against it, however, my co-worker here thought she would take half of a pill. Sometime in the flight while I was asleep [thanks to over-tiredness and a 12-hour Gravol pill] and the guy on the other side was asleep, my coworker decided to bite the sleeping pill in half! As doing so, the half that she bit into exploded in her mouth and proceeding to envoke a gag reflex!!!!! To her credit, she was able to keep it down! Then she realized a bit later she still had her contacts in and no way to get at her contact lens solution. Thank goodness for disposable contacts…as the girl walks half blind to the washroom to take them out!!! Poor Estrogen Geologist. Oh so tired….I couldn’t remember what time zone I was in, I couldn’t imagine to remember anything else!!

Then we finally get to Dallas where the paranoid, overtly American, big-ass airport security has you go through immigration, customs, security…for the umpteenth time. Have breakfast at TGIFriday’s…which didn’t help the ickiness and stomach topsy turvey. Can you see the difference between the knife and fork??? Seriously…plastic fork that looks like metal…won’t the fork cause more damage???

Caught our last leg of this journey from Dallas to YVR. 4 and a half hour flight and touched down in YVR for another round through customs and straight into a waiting car to take us home.

Home is where I am now. I will post pictures soon and with some observations from my written journal about life in San Juan.

Adios amigos y amigas!

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