The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

I am going to try and pick up from where I left off, even though I have returned to Vancouver. I left you with just the story of the flight down to Argentina, and the little moments of “gongness” just kept on coming!

The Estrogen Geo and I spent a total of 6 days from beginning to end on this journey. 32 hours of it was spent in either at an airport or on a plane, 5 hours in a remise [taxi from Mendoza to San Juan – in Argentina] and at least 42 hours working. Now a few things to keep in mind. San Juan is very warm, you can sweat just by standing still in the shade. The entire city shuts down between 12pm and 8pm – almost all the stores and restaurants.

Driving in San Juan is more dangerous than driving in a rally car race [I assume]. There are no lines in the road, therefore no lanes per say. There are few lights and no pare [stop] signs at the four way intersections…where you think there should be stop signs. No one signals and the majority of the city is made up of one way streets!! The taxi drivers drive like bats out of hell and other drivers will turn left or right from where ever they are in the road. NUTS! You must pay attention, even as a pedestrian.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Up at 8am [3am PST] for breakfast and start teaching about the data set up, where the data is stored and what data these geologists will need to enter into MS Access and then show them how to enter the data into MS Access. Very stimulating as you can imagine.

We breaked for lunch and had pizza at a restaurant in the city centre. The pizza is a bit backwards from what we are use to. Cheese on the bottom, toppings on the top. And not your normal toppings of pepporoni, but onion and blue cheese, blue cheese and olives, cheese – ham- olives-hard boild egg slices. Ya….a little odd.

Finished the teaching and then the Estrogen Geo, myself, and three Sr. Geo’s went for a three course dinner at deSanchez. A beautiful restaurant. I drank red wine for the first time in my life! I did it without gagging as well! We went for the early bird dinner at the time of 9pm [4pm PST]. So at least we got to bed early at midnight.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Once again we were up at 8am for breakfast and teaching at 9am. We then had lunch at this italian place where you can get your choice of pasta and your choice of salsa [sauce] or milanese [sp?] which is breaded meat fried…yummy. And other options, inc. Tostadas, Locos, Pizza. All was good.

Then we returned to our lovely Sala de Reunions [Conference room] to finish teaching. Tracy and I ended up staying long into the night. Which is when we experienced our other “gongness” moment.

At 10pm…we heard beeping…didn’t think anything of it. Then in my wandering style, walking around the tiny room, I trip the motion sensor in the corner at 11:30pm!!! Now I’ve woken up all the apart [apartment rooms] at the back of the hotel…and noone at the front desk knows how to turn it off!!! Eventually it was, Tracy and I packed our stuff and retired to our rooms to finish working. 17 hours of straight working and no dinner except for Alfajores [the Argentian version of the American ding dong], a pear, and Agua sin gas [Water No Carbon].

We were oh soooooo tired.

The gong show continues with the next post – the road home.


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