The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Hola from Argentina!!


That´s about all the spanish I know how to write! Although I am picking up a few words here and there and understanding more and more.

But I am jumping ahead of myself.

I arrived with the Estrogen Geologist at YVR at 6:45am on Thursday, Jan. 18th. At check in it was discovered that some how, her flight ticket was changed & booked correctly and only my reservation for one of my flights had changed and not been booked. Therefore, I had to shell out $260.00 to change my flight so I´d be on the same flight as her. At least the company will reimburse me. Our flight out of YVR to Dallas was to leave at 8:45am. As you Vancouverites know…it was snowing and icky out. Our flight boarded late and as we were waiting for de-icer the minutes passed and our plane finally left. Evenutally…@ 10:45am.

So instead of 1.5 hour layover in Dallas, we had less than 20 min. to go from Terminal D to Terminal C via tram. Basically, had to wait 3 stops before ours on the tour of the DFW airport as the tram does this wierd-ass loop as the minutes tick away. So we run. Both not wearing running attaire [ie. bras] suitable for such a venture. And we get to the gate to the relief of a 15min delay. Thus we made our flight…barely. Off to Miami we went. Arriving there around 8:30pm EST. Hoping to grab some food, but first must find gate….35minute walk to Terminal A from Terminal D…NO TRAM. Terminal A – dinner via. Newsstand.
FANTASTIC!! everything was closed. Then we were delayed for an hour, departing at 11:30pm instead of 10:30pm.

Now…check flight from Santiago to Mendoza. NOT EVEN BOOKED, but we had a reservation. Thankfully the ticket agent at the gate for our flight to Santiago, was able to book us and get us on the flight. Which we would only have 30min to get too.

8.5 hour flight later, inc. dinner and breakfast, and thankfully three seats for me to stretch out on.

We have 30 min to deboard, go through a security clearance and run to the plane as it was boarding. Up and down flight in 35 min. Arrive at Mendoza, freshen up in the washroom, finally get some Argentina pesos and 1.5 hour remise [taxi] to San Juan. Straight to the office for a pow wow and some lunch. Who knows what time it was.

But for now I must leave this story….My time is up the internet cafe. Back to work 🙂


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