The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well another evening out and about Vancouver came to a close early this morning at 3AM!

To begin the evening, a friend of mine, Mitch, had bid on a Gift Cert. for Rodney’s Oyster House at an UBC YA Fundrasing event and realized that it expires tomorrow! So before going to a mutal friends birthday celebration, we went down to dinner at Rodney’s in Yaletown.

I’ve never had an oyster before, nor am I a fan of mussels. But last night I tried both! They were fantastic. I must say the mussels were a bit more tastier to me than the rawness of the oyster. Might have been the white wine and garlic sauce. The food was fresh and tasty! The atmosphere was pleasant, a bit loud, but what isn’t these days! Oh and the bartenders…very nice and very cute. You listening ladies? very cute. Hopefully that memory isn’t clouded by the three glasses of wine [@ 8.50ea!]I inhaled.

The gift certificate was for $50 bucks and we didn’t think that we would have to pay a difference on the bill, because usually $50 is plenty for 2 dinners and a couple of drinks. Whoops, we were a bit off. I think it came to about $130ish with tip. Needless to say there was an additional cost. No problem! It’s not every day that I eat seafood. If you don’t have an entree…it wouldn’t be as bad. Next time I would go for a pre-dinner or apres work drink and appy. But I would go again.

Obviously this was the beginning of my Friday night, but for now…I’m going to have a nap.


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