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"Fake it til you Make it"

I look forward to 2007 with the most optimism I’ve had in years.

The past three years have been a test of my patience, which I can say I had almost if not did fail at times. I took a risk of quiting a job I was completely unhappy in for almost all of the three years I was there and returned to school. Went to BCIT for the 9 month GIS ADP course and went to one interview after another. Finally took a job in Downtown Vancouver. Six weeks into the job, it was announced that my company was being taken over and the likely-hood of the Vancouver remaining open was nil. So it really felt that the rug was being pulled out from me and my financial future was uncertain. Lets face it…I kind of panicked – I’m big on being able to pay my bills and I hadn’t even started reaping any of the benefits of this new job [ie Stock Options].

So since August I have been looking for that “perfect” job. Its been very trying for me personally. The Student Loan Fairies have been sending me notices of a repayment plan beginning…well…soon! I also turned down a few opportunities that were not the best nor the direction in which I wished to go professionally.

So luckily a couple different opportunities presented themselves at the same time just this past month. It was a dfficult decision but I’m very content with the job I chose. Although its a year contract, and I might end up with the same job hunt nonsense, I’m confident that this opportunity will open more doors and possibly open a door for me to stay at the company. It will also allow me to prepare financially for that possibility. I start February 1st. I hope its all its cracked up to be and that I don’t disappoint. As my dear friend Seems said “Fake it til you make it” 🙂

I must say I have some of the greatest friends around me. Not only there to listen and blink now and then, they also have great advice and supportive comments that just bring up your spirits! And they make me laugh.

Now that I feel like my feet are grounded a bit more than previously, I am thinking of joining a running group or doing that cardio core thing…Keep moving myself forward personally, trying new things and keep meeting new people.

I’m optimistic that my world is turning around a bit and that the man who is perfect for me will eventually show up.


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