The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

I’m hardly ever speechless, but this week I’ve come close! I swear!

I’m overwhelmed and excited about the different opportunites that I have been given and have been forced to make a decision. By this past Tuesday’s afternoon came around, I was fortunate enough to have two good job offers. As well as my current employer wanting me to go to Argentina to assist with the transferring of the data from Vancouver.

After some thinking and speaking with my brother and the rest of my family and other supporters, I was able to make a decision. I will be doing GIS Support for a company that is contracted to perform the tasks of mining exploration. This is an amazing opportunity on all levels and I get to travel to our lovely Canadian North! The Yukon specifically. It is a years term agreement and I hope that I am not disappointed or that I don’t disappoint. They have also graciously agreed to delay my start day by a couple of weeks so that I am able to complete the transition of my current employers office. So I’m going to Argentina at the end of January! 2007 is turning out to be the year of travel.

So for the weeks following christmas I will be bunkered at my office downtown completeing a myriad of tasks. From data entry to programming VBA. Tis the joys of databases.

I continue to be involved with volunteer work, the UBC Young Alumni Committee and in the new year I will be starting with a committee for Big Sisters here in Vancouver.

It looks to be a promising new year and I’m thrilled to continue to be moving forward!


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