The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

5 martini, 6 martini, 2 bellini…more???

That about sums up my Monday night.

Yesterday was such a busy day around the office here. Meeting after meeting after meet…you get the drift. My current company is talking about sending me to Argentina to set up the database on site. This would be my last thing to do for this company and therefore its a good thing I received a job offer!!!! But i think there is going to be a timing thing.

It’s a good job offer!!! Although some negotiation does need to happen before I accept and I still have two other job interviews, one today, one tomorrow!

And in celebration of yesterdays job…I went out on my blind date. This is where the martini rhymn comes into play. It was a good evening. Not sure if this is one to see long term, but you don’t know unless you give it a try. He’s not normally the type of guy that I would go out with [ie looks, but he’s not butt ugly either]..He seems like a nice enough guy. So lets see what happens.

But this morning…i’m tired. simply that. In bed at 1 am on a Monday night and up at 6:30am. Yeah…volleyball tonight is going to be difficult…and it’s the playoffs….whoops. 🙂


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