The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Something interesting has happened today, no not a new job…yet. Nor is it the man of my dreams sweeping me off my feet.

It’s has to do with a friend of mine…OperaGirl…a dear friend of mine from my time spent at UBC Music. About two years ago she returned from a stint in London, England and we were really close friends. Hanging out and having fun. Unfortunately, her cousin and I never really got along. Just personality clash. I tried everything. I just never felt I got the same effort in return.

Anyways, about this time two years ago, I leant OperaGirl my Usher CD, “Confessions”. So for two years OperaGirl has had this CD and in that time our friendship has fizzled due to many factors inc. an Aussie BF here for only a year, her new neices, and of course the cousin. I’m not going to go into details, but only to say, if anyone of my friends approached me to express concerns of how a family member of mine is treating them… I would respect their feelings and try to get to the bottom of it. I feel my good friends are my family.

Finally, I received the CD back today after two years of patience and a month of weekly, but polite, inquiries. But after I inquired as to the location of the CDCase/Booklet via email as well as state a couple of additional things about how I feel she treats me. I get a not so friendly reminder that I couldn’t find the right CD cover when I lent it to her and I must have it…[okay my bad…no problem I can admit that, i’ll just have to look for it]. Then OperaGirl proceeded to describe me as negative, pathetic, needs to grow up and that I’m still in highschool. My response…nice. She has stooped to name calling, apparently we weren’t as good of friends as I thought. Well I’m not going to stoop to that. Because that would imply that I do need to grow up and get out of highschool!

We all have our vices and I am working on mine as well as aware of mine as some of you may know. I don’t need a supposed friend to resort to nasty comments which are not all true.

I had one of the best dinners this evenings with Lex…one of my dearest and best friends in the whole world. She knows me inside and out. Better than I know myself. sometimes. And according to her, i’m not pathetic nor am i required to “leave highschool” because I already did that! and as for the negativity? “eh your working on it :)” and “don’t we all have something to overcome?” [well she said something like that….and isn’t that what true friends and nice people suppose to do???]

Job interviews are lined up, the first one today went really well…it sounds like a lot of responsibility and I think I could do it, if the price was right 🙂 My current job is going fine for now. Working with the Jr. Geo just to get things put away and to “bed”. I really don’t want to take on some of her responsibilities. So…hopefully one of these interviews will turn into the perfect job., and then the perfect man…see the path i’m projecting??? working at keeping the positive 🙂

OH, I’ve been meaning to post and my cousin just got engaged last saturday as well!!! Soooo happy for my family…the goodness just keeps on coming.


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