The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

I have to give credit when due…the Jr. Geo was concerned about how I was doing with her leaving and with the Sr. Geo leaving. I said..”I’ll be fine, glad you made a decision right for you”. She continued asked again how I was doing with the news. I kept my cool the second time – “I appreciate your concern, but I think I’ll be fine”. The third time she asked if I was okay, “I appreciate your concern, I’m a big girl I think I will be fine, have a good night!” and off to home I went.

Now I know it sounds harsh, but does it count that I said it with a smile???

The same question three times in a row is quite irritating. I’m not sure what she wanted to me to say. But frankly this work situation is less than ideal but what the heck am I going to do about it. To top it off, today she wanted to continue the conversation and address the “big girl” remark [refrained from rolling my eyes :)]. So I explained that I just wanted to end the conversation and go home and I felt that she was not accepting my answer. She didn’t understand. Not sure what else I was to say to that.

Was I suppose to fall to the floor and have her console me???? Now over xmas I have to take on more responsibility for the Data Management and additional responsibilities.

Now I’m waiting for a 11:30am phone interview that has never come [hehe It came at 1pm]. Sad but true. At least it got me out of the conversation with the Jr. Geo.

I have another job interview lined up. So keep your fingers crossed. If I leave before the transfer of my current company is complete…the guilt will be tremendous!!!

And…a blind date has been arranged, it might be a merry christmas after all.


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