The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Whew! Who knew so much can happen in two days!!

FIRST – Volleyball can be extremely dangerous, especially when you have an ear infection and the War Memorial Gym at UBC is very slippery. So my hand/eye coordination was not as usual and my balance was something less than to be desired. Thus…when you are the setter playing 5-1 and the passes are low…well…lets just say the first time I changed direction from right to left “on the fly” I was graceful and put the ball up but not with out diving, with what seemed like hips first on to the ground.

The second time the pass was low…I went for it…thought I had it. Then my feet and the slippery floor failed me and I hit the floor…hard…*WHAM*…body felt like a watermelon ready to burst!

[Thank god I don’t have implants…I think they would have exploded!!]

SECOND ~ And ultimately I have received the most exciting news.

My big brother is ENGAGED to the most wonderful, genuine girlfriend he has ever had!!!!

Let me start off by saying the past few nights I have had a dream that I was at my brothers wedding to his current GF. Then earlier this evening I referred to my brother’s GF as his fiance. They were not even engaged!! Until I received a phone call at 8:45pm [Interrupting the season finale of ANTM!!! – but I will forgive them :)]

My brother told me how he proposed…

Even though its a little dark, you can see my brother down on one knee….and the sunset in the background.

Picture this: Monterey Penninsula, [Pebble Beach area] the 2nd Tee at Spanish Banks Golf Course around sunset. A table and two chairs…decorated with a tablecloth, candle, champagne and I think even a flower. Of course he got permission from her parents first. His GF was totally surprised!!

Now mom and I both forgot to ask if he got down on bended knee…If I know my brother…I think he did.

The exciting part is that I will have a sister, my own age…I’m soooo excited!!! OH and to my cousins, try and keep this news on the downlow from your ‘rents until my big brother has told Nana!!!!!!!! [me and my big mouth :)]

The romance of this entire setting…gives the previous romantic winner: proposal at sunrise at the grand canyon a run for it’s money!!

Think I have to trust my dreams more often…now if I can just dream up a new job 🙂



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  1. Very excited to hear about the engagement. I was still at Dad’s when the phone call came through. Your mom was so funny on the phone…she’s SO happy!! Then they yammered on about how that’s only 1 kid out of 6 off their list…I didn’t really have anything to say to that…

    Good on the blog thing. Maybe now I’ll be better about us keeping in touch because even though we say we’re going too, we’re really bad about it!!

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