The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

So I Begin to Blog

Since I have so many good friends who don’t live in and around vancouver anymore…I am joining the blog wagon, not only to share some tidbits of my life to them but to also the world. Other people’s opinion are always welcome.

I do hope to live life a bit more/travel more and have a bit more to say then:
“I had a tuna sandwich today…it came with a pickle. It was good”

If all else fails, I can delete the blog and go back to the safety of the non-judging journal…but what fun is that??? So bring it on!

Currently I’m a bit bored at work with an immense amount of data entry. And I think my friends on msn are busy working or something….so I thought I would let them be til another day. As of today I’m not going to be sick with bronchitis and an ear infection anymore…done and done.

Time to live it up a bit more… but first the blinking cursor on my dual monitor is mocking me and I must complete some more work. I have until March/April to figure this Database stuff out. In the mean time…MS Access here I come and the hunt for a new job in the near future continues.


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